Barter Deal:

In TV syndication, the program syndicator keeps most of the available commercial minutes to sell in the syndicated program.

Benefit Segmentation:

A method of segmenting markets on the basis of the major benefits consumers seek in a product or service.

Big Idea:

A unique or creative idea for an advertisement or campaign that attracts consumer’s attention, gets a reaction, and sets the advertisers product or service apart from the competition.

Bleed Pages:

Magazine advertisements where the printed area extends to the edge of the page, eliminating any white margin or border around the ad.

Bluetooth :

A wireless protocol utilizing short-range communications technology facilitating data transmission over short distances from fixed and/or mobile devices, creating wireless HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_area_network" \o "Personal area network" personal area networks (PANs). The intent behind the development of Bluetooth was the creation of a single HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital" \o "Digital" digital wireless protocol, capable of connecting multiple devices and overcoming problems arising from synchronization of these devices. Bluetooth uses a radio technology called frequency hopping spread spectrum.


Sample copies of the final edition of a magazine.

Business-to-Business Advertising:

Advertising directed not at the general public but at other businesses.


A headline that crosses the top of a page Ð also streamer.


Name given to type of a thicker than average body.


A short news story, usually one paragraph.


The writers name at the beginning, or near the top, of a story.